• Powerful 57 hp Kubota Engine
  • Fuel Efficient V6 Chassis
  • EZ Access 3 Yard Hopper
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Made in the USA
  • 28" Fan
  • Simplicity Meets Power
the 1600 is the World's Most Powerful Parking Lot Sweeper
  • Mounting Options
    What are my mounting options? GMC/ Chevrolet Sierra and Silverado (half ton models) Ford F-150 Toyota Tundra Dodge Ram 1500 ISUZU NPR (upon request) *From our experience, we highly recommend either a GMC or Chevrolet half ton chassis with the V6 engine option for the best sweeper and truck combination.
  • Auxiliary Engines
    Kohler (Econo Model) 27 Hp Air Cooled Direct Drive to our 24" Fan Maximum operating speed: 2,300 RPMs 2 Cylinder GasKubota (1600 Model) 57 Hp Water Cooled Direct Drive to our 28" Fan Maximum operating speed: 2,800 RPMs 4 Cylinder 1.6L Gas
  • Curb Brooms
    Standard broom diameter is 16” (18" available upon request) Brooms are mounted to a Stainless Steel broom disc Mounted with 4 mounting bolts (versus 3 like some of our competition). Using 4 bolts ensures greater force distribution and less chance of obtaining damage if the broom head ever contacts a curb or stationary object while sweeping. We also offer an 18” diameter broom for those looking to maximize their curb contouring and trying to cover the absolute most ground possible per pass. All of our brooms are a Poly/ Steel bristle mix. Both of these materials have different benefits and this is the combination that we find works the best for all applications. *While we strongly recommend the blend, only poly and only steel brooms are available upon request through special order. Polypropylene (or Poly) is a very common bristle material that is extremely abrasive resistant, excellent wet weather performance, and low cost. Other favorable characteristics of poly bristles are the resistance to oils, chemicals, and they are anti-microbial. Steel bristles are great for heavy, dense, and stubborn debris that are difficult for a softer broom head to move on the first pass (such as wet leaves).
  • Hopper
    Why is your hopper rounded? Our answer is simple, efficiency. Having smooth rounded sides versus corners improves air flow, making it more efficient and powerful at the same time. Less power is needed to do the same amount of work that a less efficient system may use. In the end, you save time and money by using a more efficient system. Curved surfaces are stronger and deflect the incoming contents, preventing damage. The rounded corners not only help the air flow, they also help the contents of the hopper slide out without binding or packing into a corner of the hopper. How to Empty the Hopper Step 1: Lift the top door, the hydraulic lift supports will open it for you. Step 2: Pull the cable latch to drop the bottom door. Step 3: Press the “Hopper Up” button and watch the hopper empty itself! (Optionally, you may choose to open the bottom door once the hopper is raised in the air over the dumpster; as the bottom door will also act as a feed ramp.) *WARNING* Do not try to remove the screen while the hopper is lifted in the air! The screen is designed to slide out once the red T bolt is removed and it may come out rapidly and cause injury!
  • Sweeping Head
    What is the sweeper head’s purpose? The entire purpose of the sweeping head is to collect the debris and deliver it to the hopper while the vehicle is moving. The head of the sweeper is also responsible for keeping dust and debris from being blown away from the sweeper. A properly functioning sweeper head has little to no air escaping from underneath it. Why is the head mounted in the rear? Servicing of the head is much simpler. You are not forced to remove the head or climb all the way under the truck to merely inspect your flap. If for some reason something that was too large to sucked up (perhaps you ran over a street cone), and it was to get stuck in font of the head, you can simply bend down and remove it. Tire protection. It is well known that nails, bolts, and other potential tire damaging materials can gather on the edges of the head, which on center mounted heads is directly in front of the tire. By placing the head behind the tire we reduce the odds that something you swept up will damage your tire. With a rear mounted head you can back into corners or one car stalls and sweep them.
  • Dust Reduction System
    At MASCO, we believe that all sweepers should be equipped with this system. When you are sweeping near parked cars, walk ways, or building walls, it is a professional advantage and courtesy to limit the amount of dust created by parking lot cleaning. Airborne dust can also be amplified even more so if you are in a high wind situation, or simply in an enclosed parking garage. Our Dust Reduction System is simple in execution, but extremely effective in practice. Where are the sprayer nozzles located? On both the 1600 and the Econo model, the sweeper has spray nozzles are located directly in front of the broom, behind both the rear wheels, and inside the 10” suction tube going into the hopper. The nozzle going into the suction tube is fitted with an adjustable valve to limit (or completely turn off) how much water you feed into the hopper.
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  •  Econo
    Engine: Kohler V-twin Air cooled 26 hp Fan Size: 24” Broom: 16" Poly/Steel Head Size: 84"x 19" Hopper Capacity: 3 Yards Hopper Material: Stainless Steel Typical Working Speed: ~1,800 RPMs MAX Fan Operating Speed: ~2,300 RPMs Water Capacity: 50 Gallons
  •  1600
    Engine: Kubota 4 Cylinder Water cooled 57 hp Fan Size: 28" Broom: 16" Poly/Steel Head Size: 84"x 19" Hopper Capacity: 3 Yards Hopper Material: Stainless Steel Typical Working Speed: ~1,600 RPMs MAX Fan Operating Speed: ~2,400 RPMs Water Capacity: 50 Gallons
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  •  5000
    Engine: Ford 4 Cylinder Water cooled 75 hp Fan Size: 30” Broom: Dual 18" Poly/Steel Head Size: 88"x 23.5" Hopper Capacity: 5 Yards Hopper Material: Stainless Steel Typical Working Speed: ~1,100–1,500 RPMs MAX Fan Operating Speed: ~2,400 RPMs Water Capacity: 100 Gallons
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MASCO is a family owned and operated sweeper manufacturing company based out of California. At MASCO we design and fabricate every sweeper in house. Since 1976 we have pioneered different technologies and different strategies to come up with a dependable, efficient, yet simple product to offer the parking lot sweeping market. Our products stand out from our competitors and the quality of our work speaks for itself. We strive to build a sweeper that will make your job as easy as possible.
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