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Chapter 1: Service Industry - Financial Security in the Parking Lot Sweeping Service Industry

Chapter 2: Bidding Parking Lot Sweeping
- How to Evaluate Work to be Done, and Satisfy Your Customers

Chapter 3: Sales of Sweeping -
How to Sell and Promote the Sweeping Business

Chapter 4: Profit Potential -
Records and Keeping Your Books

Chapter 5: Cost of Operation -
What are the Real Costs of Running a Sweeper?

Chapter 6: Street Sweeping -
Municipal Sweeping Contracting With the Government

Chapter 7: LH-2000 - Model LH-2000 in the Parking Lot Sweeping Business


Service Industry
Financial Security in the Parking Lot Sweeping Service Industry

Almost every where you turn today you can here a lot of conversation about our economy. Granted things could be better. PARKING LOT SWEEPING offer you an opportunity to expand your current service or, start a needed service to protect yourself against any financial or employment problems.

The “80’s” have been referred by many as the “ME” decade. The “90’s” will center on “YOU”. At MASCO, we believe that the “90’s” will be the “DECADE OF SERVICE” . In our personal lives we will have more spare time, and our means will be such that it will afford us new and different services more and more everyday. This state-of-mind will also be true in your business life as well. New types of services will spring up where ingenuous minds see need and opportunities. Those of us who have been in the SERVICE business will be one step ahead of those coming into this field.

If you want your company to grow, now is the time to start planning for this exciting and expanding industry. Be aware though, that if you do not gear-up for this new business you may be left behind. Although there will be a lot of work out there you must make sure that you are going to be the one that will get it!

In the past years I have seen market areas where one or two companies where dominate, only to find out that new companies, with wide sweeping marketing plans, took away large chunks of business that the old companies though the “owned”. It is very easy to get lulled into the trap of laziness when times are good and you seem to have total control. There are many things that you can do to help insure your customer’s loyalty. You are only limited by your imagination. The following are only a few ideas that you can try, even though they seem obvious, doing the obvious may demand the most effort but more than likely it will produce the best result.

  1. The most important thing a service company can do of course is GIVE GOOD SERVICE. Evaluate what kind of things your are doing in your normal routine. Are these things that you could be doing to give better service, but because you have “DONE IT” a certain way for a long time you have been complacent in your work. Evaluate your work as though it was for yourself, what would impress you. Try to go beyond what others have done, be a trend setter not a “ME TOO” company.
  2. CUSTOMER RELATIONS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. Don’t wait for your customer to figure out how great you are, tell them! Once a month, either by mail or phone, you should let your customer know what a good job you are doing for their property. If you are doing a good job, it is easy to take for granted that the parking area is kept clean. Remind the manager or owner what measures you take in order to maintain cleanliness and safety in their parking area. Not only does this keep your work in the mind of the center manager, but it also keeps you in tough with the manager. There is a lot of movement within the shopping center, and the property management industry. When there is a management change, you are at the highest risk of loosing your service contract. New managers are trying to show that they are good and will evaluate all their expenditures. When this happens you must be prepared to present your best justification of your operation and costs.
  3. NEW ACCOUNTS MARKETING PROGRAM. The most often asked questions is how do I get new sweeping accounts. There is no question that this the most important question you face in starting the sweeping business. There are numerous methods to go about marketing and sales of new accounts. Here are a few suggestions:
    1. ON-SITE COLD CALL. A hand shake and your business card with a small brochure telling about what services you offer is the best way for you to approach a potential account. To get to know the industry, your competition, and any trends in the service business, there is no better way to fully understand the sweeping business that this method of sales. The most productive marketing investment is a personal face-to-face contact.
    2. MAIL-OUTS. Lists of shopping centers and businesses in your area can be obtained relatively inexpensively. If you are interested in this place, check the return mail card with this interest and we will send you information on how to get these lists.
    3. TELEMARKETING. Telemarketing is powerful and valuable tool if used correctly. Most local telephone companies have outstanding telemarketing seminars that are very helpful and economical, call your local phone company for information regarding telemarketing and how it can help you.
  4. INVOLVEMENT LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS Civic groups can be valuable to not only making contact but establishing yourself in the community as someone who cares about where you live. One example would be to join Kiwis club. Many manager of shopping centers participate in that kind of club which makes it a great opportunity for you to get to know them.
  5. HARD WORK There is no substitute for hard work. People who think that the sweeping business is going to be automatic, routing, billing, and watching the profit roll in are in for a rude awakening. Dedication, discipline and attention to the needs of your customers are a few keys to success. Most successful sweeping companies who have been on a steady growth of both revenue and profit will tell you that it is not any one thing that has made them successful. But rather a series of trial and error and always looking for ways of bettering their service.

MASCO SWEEPERS has had the opportunity to help thousands of people start sweeping companies all over the United States. These people are not any different from anyone else other than they saw an opportunity. They had personal interest in this business and most importantly, took the initiative to start. The hardest part getting started. Many people want all the answers before they begin. If it was that easy, then everybody would own their own business. Our staff of trained sales people are ready to assist you in any way we can. Some of the tolls we offer you are the following:

  1. BROCHURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: We will be more than happy to send you any information you may need in regard to or equipment, options available for each sweeper, and detailed specifications.
  2. EQUIPMENT EDUCATION: Our sales staff will send you brochures on out full line of sweeping equipment both for parking lot sweeping and street sweeping. We will help you determine what the right sweeper would be for your area and sweeping conditions.
  3. FINANCING: Over the years we have developed many types of financing to include bank type financing and lease-to-own financing. Our finance department will help you determine the best financing for you.
  4. EQUIPMENT TRAINING: We will train you in the operation and maintenance of your equipment so that you will get the full profit benefit from your sweeper.
  5. SERVICE AND PARTS: MASCO SWEEPERS has a full parts and service department ready to help you with any questions you might have with your sweepers operation and with any parts you might need.
  6. USED AND RECONDITIONED SWEEPERS: If you are just getting started, sometimes it is good to begin with good used equipment. We generally have a good stock of reconditioned sweepers that just might be the answer for you.


Bidding Parking Lot Sweeping
How to Evaluate Work to be Done, and Satisfy Your Customers

One of the first and most important questions asked in regards to the sweeping business is “How much does one charge for parking lot sweeping services?” Do you charge per square foot, per parking space, or acreage?

The best method for establishing an accurate price for sweeping is arrived at by setting an hourly rate to cover the amount of time spent in the total sweeping of any given lot.
A common question asked, in regard to bidding, is how to bid a sweeping job by square footage. It is impossible to estimate this way because of the great variances in parking lot conditions. A square foot of hardware store parking lot is much easier to maintain than a parking lot in front of an all night donut shop.

There are many things to consider in establishing a price or bid for your services. Here is a list of some aspects of sweeping that must be considered:

  1. Landscape islands with “V” shaped parking spots.
  2. Type of stores: grocery, donut shop and fast food places tend to have more litter than clothing, hardware and banks do.
  3. Plants, shrubs, and trees that will deposit limbs, twigs and leaves either all year long or in the fall must be considered.
  4. Configuration of the parking lot: Are there many corners and hard to gel at areas which will demand more time than straight forward sweeping?
  5. Are you going to include picking flower beds of bottles and trash? If so, you must consider this in your price.
  6. Are there any bumper stops set out from the curb? This area will take more time to clean because it tends to gather debris.
  7. Will you be cleaning the back of stores and grocery markets? These areas are especially dirty. Under or around dumpsites and garbage bins tend to be very dirty and demand extra time.
  8. You must take into consideration what kind of adjacent lot you have. If you have a business with potential litter coming into your lot, that must be taken into account in your bid.
  9. Does the wind blow in one general area and does that create a problem of litter accumulation.
  10. Weather, and weather related problems such as snow, salting, sanding, and ice, can increase the sweeping time by 4 times in the winter months. Time differences must be factored into the annual monthly pricing.
  11. Finally, what are your expectations of the owner/manager of this lot? Will you be able to satisfy him?

It is important to know exactly what you have promised so that when you have a problem on your account and a disagreement over what you were to do, you can always go back to what was written on the estimate, it also gives you a good negotiating tool. If the manager feels that the service is needed, yet the price is more than he wishes to pay, you can subtract some areas of service in order to determine a price he can afford to pay. From the outset, you should know how often the parking lot can be swept. This could vary from once every three months, every week, three times a week, or every day of the week.

You must remember if you bid a job too low, it is possible you will be working for nothing. I’m sure that there is no one that wants to do that. This is where salesmanship is an important part of your work. Generally, people who want good, prompt, and dependable service are willing to pay a good price for it.

Most shopping centers with a large department store, grocery store, and several smaller shops will have an average 450-600 parking spaces. This lot should be swept in anywhere from one hour fifteen minutes at $38.00 per hour. You should get anywhere from $30.00-$40.00 per sweep. If this lot is swept three times per week, your monthly billing should be from $320.00 to $400.00. Again, it depends on what services you offer and what kind of service you give.

A small restaurant will probably take a half hour to clean, and will be done once a week, and have a monthly billing of $65.00 to $80.00. Bidding parking lots in the beginning, seems very hard; yet after short period, you will quickly learn to be consistent in your prices. Just remember, If you promise a service-DO IT!

Communication with your account principal cannot be over emphasized! If you develop a friendly rapport with your manager you will head off a lot of problems and misunderstandings.

Be available for complaint (or compliment) calls, either in person or with an answering service. A prompt return call is greatly appreciated by your account.

One important selling approach to be used either on first contact or after you have had the service for awhile, is frequency of your sweeping.

Many times it is possible to give more frequent service at very little more time sweeping. For example, you approach a manager and he says his parking lot is swept two times per week and you figure it is about a $40.00 sweep, or about $80.00 a week times 4.333 for monthly billing figure. It is very possible to sweep that lot three times a week at about 30 minutes a sweep and end up sweeping only 10 minutes more a week.

Two things can be accomplished here. One, you can offer better service for about the same price. Two, you manager is happier because he sees a cleaner lot. You have another advantage. In routing your accounts you are more flexible and able to open up new areas and time schedules. In the end, the extra 10 minutes will greatly pay for itself, you will also learn ways to trim that extra time. Maintaining a clean lot is always easier than cleaning up.

Be creative in your business. You must keep in mind SERVICE. That is all you have to offer. Your follow-up program is the key to success. Be persistent. Show the manager you are very serious about having his business. If you are persistent in your sales work you will show your potential customer that you will also be persistent in your effort to offer good service.
Here is review of bidding elements:

  1. Survey the sweeping area.
  2. Present an estimate.
  3. Follow-up - Negotiate.
  4. Persist in calling back.
  5. One you have come to an agreement it is important to review your estimate and complete our contract with signatures.
  6. After you start the service be sure that you show the manager what a good job you are doing on their property and continue to point out the good things that you are doing for them.

Our final word regard to finalizing a sale and contract signature. There are many shopping centers and businesses who are delinquent in paying their bills. IF you can establish, in a tactful way, a definite date of payment, and stress how important it is that your bill is paid on time, your problems with collections will be greatly reduced.


Sales of Sweeping
How to Sell and Promote the Sweeping Business

An overview of the total industry of sweeping is needed to be knowledgeable and effective in your sales. Sales and promotion are the key elements to your immediate and long term business goals. The majority of businesses I have talked with have not spent the amount of time that they could have in selling their service. By doing an organized sales approach, it is possible to double your business by working only one or two days per week. You may be overlooking great profits.

Remember, ultimately, you are offering a service. As you deliver that service your credibility will grow in direct proportion to the quality of the service you do. The good relationships you build with your accounts will provide you with the opportunity for more business. Your accounts will serve as personal references for the quality and conscientiousness of your service. A service businesses best marketing program is a satisfied customer.

Here are some basic approaches needed in starting a sales program. Pick a name for your business that reflects what your goals are in maintaining parking lots free of litter and debris. Pick a names that is easily remembered. Many people want to say too much when they pick a business name. One word, ease to remember name like ACE services, or ACTION sweeping are names that are easy to say and remember. It is also best to say services rather than sweeping because you may want to branch out into other services and your customers may think you only do sweeping.

The image that you portray to a potential account is very important. If you are to be organized and dependable in the service that you offer, your presentation should reflect this. You will need a business card, estimate forms and a contract form.

Here are some suggestions about important element that should be included. Use your creativity to add elements that reflect yourself and the area in which you work. Each and every area in the US is different. Try to capture the essence of the locale and put it on paper.

An important aspect of designing any kind of material to be given to potential customers is to be simple, concise, and understood. Stress “you” and “your” in this material. Emphasize the benefit the user will derive from your service. Describe the service simply and accurately, so that is can be easily remembered. Include testimonials if possible.

Do not approach a manager/owner with too much information. Most managers do not have time to read a book about you. They mainly want to know, “Will you do what you say you are going to do?”


An estimate for should be designed to show three things:

  1. What are you going to do.
  2. When you will be doing it.
  3. How much will it cost.

It is very important to be very explicit in what services you intend to offer. The form you use to give your customer will reflect on your business. Your local print shop will be very helpful to you in determining what kind forms you can print. Forms that make copies are helpful for on-site quoting.

The basic elements of a contract are the principal’s name (owner/manager), mailing address, phone number, and the date when the contract is to commence. State very clearly what the service is, how often it will be done and what the monthly payment will be. It is also important to include very specifically when payment is to be expected.

Another element many sweepers include in the contract relates to a (30) thirty day cancellation notice. This can either be good or bad. As a new business the manager may not want to trust you for 30 days. In that case, state on the contract that a 30 day cancellation does not apply.

An invoice should represent services rendered and what the charge for that service is. Basic element are name and address, description of service, charge and when payment is due. Be sure your mailing and phone number are clearly marked so that it will be as easy as possible to mail it to you.

If you bill in the middle of the current billing month, to be paid on the 10th of the following month, you will have a much easier time budgeting your money. If you bill at the end of the current month it could be two months until you receive your money.

The sweeping business gives you the freedom to decide how much you want to work and how this business will fit into the rest of your life. It can be a great hedge against hard times or a way to buy things you need and want: house, boat, or to be able to travel.

Many people are happy working three nights a week. One could realize a gross monthly billing of $2,400.00 - $2,600.00 and only work three nights a week. Or you could sweep 7 nights a week and gross from $5,000.00 to $6,000.00 a month. You are the boss; you decide.

Remember, the downfall of most service companies is when they stop doing marketing and sales work including cold calls. If you stay in tune with the needs and wants of your industry you will better serve them.


Profit Potential
Records and Keeping Your Books

Better records will mean better profits for you, and a better idea for growth potential. Having your own business means being responsible for your interview and seeing a profit. Without an accurate checks and balances, it will be very hard for you to tell whether you are making money and how much.

The best suggestion is to buy a bookkeeping system. I recommend the brand name “ekonomik” checks and cash receipts register, although there are many other good ones, a local stationary, or office supply store can recommend one for you. If you are involved with other businesses you may want to consider another type or a system that you already have in use.

The Small Business Administration from your local Chamber of Commerce can also be very helpful in starting or organizing your business. Your local library is full of helpful information about starting and operating a business. The library staff will help you find all Th. information you need in regards to laws and requirements for you area.

If you are able to afford a computer, I recommend that you start out with one as soon as you can. As you input every aspect of your business into the computer you will have a much more accurate view of your business and it’s profitability. This will help you understand your business better, give you information to show you how you can improve and at tax time help you through the riggers of paying your taxes.


Cost of Operation
What are the Real Costs of Running a Sweeper?

Sweeper operational costs can be the difference between success and failure in the sweeping business. The more you understand about the particulars of where you spend your money on your sweeper the better you will be at controlling those cost. Evaluating your expenditures will help you see where you are incurring needless expenses and how you can eliminate them for more profit.

Here are your basic operation cost expenses: PER MONTH


The following is a breakdown of some of the cost of running a sweeper:

GAS AND OIL 450.00 APPROX. 10%
MAINTENANCE 100.00 2% - 5%
  TOTAL 1,600.00


To establish your cost of operation and increase profits you have generally two areas of your business to work in. These two areas are Hours spent sweeping and the dollars spent in that sweeping process. Scheduling your sweeping to maximize your sweeping efficiency is at the center of your profit strategy.

If you knew that it took 89 hours of sweeping to bill $2,500.00 you would be grossing around $28.00 dollars an hour. Keeping good record of hours spent sweeping is a crucial part of managing a sweeping business. Your hourly rate is the barometer that you set your projected success of your business. As you increase your monthly gross you will also increase your profit dramatically because you have covered your fixed operating cost. It is important to get the maximum performance from your sweeper which will in turn create maximum profit.

When you think about an employee to do some of your work, you must also consider that cost factor into your operational costs.

WAGES $ 8.00
$26.53 HOUR


It is very important to consider these costs to run your business well. It only takes a few hours a month to record this information. By having this information, you will be able to see areas of improvement and more effective sweeping routes. By watching your monthly operational costs and income you will be better able to plan for the future, make growth goals and be better prepared for tax information.

The best potential of course for any sweeping business is to operate the sweeper 24 hours a day, in three shifts. This operation would give you maximum return on investment. Unfortunately that is probably not reality. Most sweepers work all night long because that is when the centers are free of cars. An average sweeping company running a full time, seven day a week sweeping business should be operating some where around 200 hours per month. At an average of $38.00 dollars an hour your gross monthly billing should be $7,600.00 per month. Here is an example of how a full time business should break down.


Wages 220 hours @8.00 per hour 1,700.00
Workman’s compensation 660.00
Equipment operational cost 1,600.00
Maintenance 304.00
TOTAL INCOME $7,600.00
NET PROFIT 3,276.00


Management is the key to success and profit. The example above describes a operation running at about a 57% profit margin. At this point of operation where scheduling and routing is well managed you are set to make some real profits. If you increase your monthly billing an additional $1,500.00 per month you will increase you profit percentage to about 64%. Adding new accounts are very profitable because most of the cost of operation are already absorbed and scheduling new accounts into your existing routes may amount to a small amount of extra time.


Street Sweeping
Municipal Sweeping Contracting With the Government

The shortage of public funds is affecting every American city and county. In an attempt to save money in the everyday maintenance of our municipalities, every avenue of Privatization is being considered. The argument of Privatization of public services is a very hotly contested issue. The battle lines are drawn, and there are articulate spokespeople on each side.

The Tax Reform Act of 1986 slowed the rash of sales of government assets to the private sector by eliminating many of the investment deductions that businesses found attractive. However, municipal governments interested in Privatization of certain functions are still finding ways to do it.

A survey by Touché Ross, the International City Management Association (ICMA) and The Privatization Council indicated that 99 percent of respondents in cities with more than 5,000 residents and counties with more than 25,000 had contracted out at least one service. More then 80 percent said they saved 10 to 40 percent by contracting out services than they would have if they had done the job themselves.

Public agencies and unions are not as thrilled with the Privatization movement. The American Federation of State and County Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is leading the fight against the movement. “The cost savings realized by contracting out are often grossly exaggerated,” argues one official, “the benefits tend to be in what is avoided, like government red tape and personnel problems, rather than in what is actually saved.” Opponents also argue that hidden costs are not factored into the equation, costs like liability insurance coverage. These types of cost can greatly effect the profitability of a private company, whereas governments enjoys sovereign immunity. AFSCME, has a long list of complaints of Privatization which include, cost overruns, lower wages, stifling affirmative action to women and minorities and corruption just to mention a few.

Advocates of Privatization argue that there are many defenses and precautions to make Privatization work. Some actions taken by municipalities include, incentives and penalties and bonuses to maximize work production and minimize dishonesty. Performance bonds also prevent sudden abandonment of default of contracts. Dividing up contracts also helps local government control the work and increase the potential of getting the work done on time and within budget.

The Harris County Toll Road Authority in Houston, is a good example. A 21-mile span of road running along interstate 45 to interstate 610 was divided among various contractors to perform general maintenance, street sweeping and litter control. To make sure that the contract was executed correctly the Toll Road Authority hired an engineering firm to monitor the effectiveness of the program. This freed up the authority to focus on these primary tasks. The program came in under its $293,000 budget, with actual costs of $178,000.

Hunter Garrison, a 30-year veteran of the Texas Department of highways and Public Transportation and manager of the engineering firm says that the benefits to Privatization include access to hundreds of specially-trained employees, operating cost efficiencies and reduction of municipality’s future debt obligations. “Using privatized services for maintenance of the Toll Road was a logical approach to reducing cost while maintaining quality,” he says, “the public and private partnerships created today in maintenance services, are setting the standard for the future.”

The development of street sweeping has mushroomed in the past 5 years. A handful of contractor blazed the trail for what is now a large group of successful business to large international waste and refuse companies such as BFI and Waste Management. Because these companies are very large it is hard to know how these companies are faring under the new management.

One contractor that has been around for a long time, and who started as a parking lot sweeper is Chuck Kelley of Kelley and Sons from Keyport, New Jersey. Chuck gave me some tips and advise that he has found helpful over the years to share with you. Here are some answers to questions I asked him about his sweeping business.

Q. Chuck what are the general pros of municipal contract sweeping?
A. Wining a municipal contract usually gives you the advantage of keeping your machines on the job on a regular daily schedule. You can keep your machines in a central location, which provides you with added advantages. Because you are not driving to and from jobs far away you save on fuel, labor hours and maintenance on the sweepers is lower and easier to schedule. If you are doing a job out of your area you can leave your equipment in a city or county yard. Your equipment will be secure when it is not feasible to transport your equipment back to your terminal. A major advantage with a municipal contract is that you know you are getting paid without any hassle. You can budget your operation better with a more even cash flow.

Q. What are the cons of municipal contracting?
A. Municipal contracts usually require more than one machine. This puts a strain on your planning and scheduling your regular private customers. You may need to won more machines then you had planned. Age requirements of your sweepers is becoming a major factor. Purchasing new sweepers or finding late model sweepers may be difficult and financially a bigger burden then what the contract is worth.

Contracts may have a time limits under which you must complete a job. This usually applies when the contract calls for a single sweeping of the designated area with no follow-up sweeping. Be aware of penalties for exceeding time limits.

Q. What kind of insurance do you need to have?
A. It is very important to know exactly what the requirements are and know how much the coverage is going to cost you from your insurance carrier before you bid, it could be the difference between profit and loss.

Q. Do you need a bond or special permits to do municipal sweeping?
A. Bid and performance bonds are usually required. The municipal bid will spell out the type and amount of the bond and your responsibility to the bond. Obtaining a bond is not easy. If you have not already been approved for a bond and what will be expected of you don’t assume that if you are awarded a bid you can run to your agent and just sing up. You may find yourself laying out 100% of the bid with your own money to cover the bid or performance bond. This could jeopardize yourself and your business.

Q. How do you bid sweeping and how much do you charge?
A. Well like any other sweeping contract that is the hardest question. The going rate for sweeping on the East Coast using mechanical broom machines range from $75.00 to $100.00 per hour. Bidding streets like any kind of sweeping depends on what is in the street and how often it will be swept. When you bid street sweeping it’s a whole new ball game. You will normally be bidding curb miles. The curb mile rate ranges from $25.00 to $45.00 per mile. In bidding curb miles you must be aware of some of the pitfalls that can confront you.

In the bid, you are usually provided with a street map of the given area to be swept and bid on. In most cases the bid package or map will indicate total street mileage to be bid on. Remember, streets have two curbs! They both have to be swept so you have to double the street mileage. Make sure that if curb miles are used in the sweeping description of work to be done that they are curbs on both sides.

Q. How does an hourly rate correspond to a curb mile rate?
A. As you can see by the mile rate is somewhat lower in relation other hourly rate sweeping. Our experience in this type of service usually shows an average of twelve (12) curb miles per eight (8) hours of sweeping per machine. If the sweeping is extremely heavy you may creep to as low as eight (8) curb miles per eight (8) hour shift. This sweeping again is heavy spring clean-up type work. Sweeping trash in residential areas in nice weather you may be able to sweep up to twenty-five (25) curb miles a day and even more.

Q. What else should a new company think about before starting in the street sweeping business?
A. Your equipment has to be in good shape and you have to have a solid maintenance program. There is many more people watching you with this type of bid. If you blow-it, you may be pegged and not be considered on other bids. Professionalism is import to get and maintain contracts. Because the contracting of services is still relatively new, the controversy between private and public agencies are a constantly a problem. If you misrepresent the private contractor by not being responsible this becomes a judgment to all contractors. Once you get a contract, it is essential that you monitor the performance of your crew to make sure that no problems start, and if they do, they are quickly resolved.

The National Contract Sweeper Institute also has information on starting a street sweeping business as well as an association of sweepers that you might find helpful. They can be contacted by calling (202) 659-4613. MASCO SWEEPERS has also compiled information about the sweeping industry. Please call our Toll Free phone number (800) 345-1246 and we will be glade to help you any way we can. Chuck Kelley can also be reached at (201) 264-1568 for any other questions you might have concerning parking lot sweeping or street sweeping.


Model LH-2000 in the Parking Lot Sweeping Business

Surviving in today’s economy is difficult offering one specialized service. To be successful in the service industry, a variety of customer needs must be met. We must face the fact that our economy is slowing down. How long it will last is anyone’s guess. If you stand by and do nothing you can be sure that times will be hard on your business. This is a time to evaluate your business and see what you can do to insure your solid place in the service industry.

The MODEL LH-2000 Sweeper was developed for this specific purpose. Over the years of sweeper manufacturing we have found that your customers are interested in dealing with a sweeping business that can offer a wide range of service.

MODEL LH-2000 fills a need where other larger street sweepers could not do. For year the contractor had purchased older, used street sweepers to perform heavy duty sweeping jobs. Although they swept well when they finally got to the sweeping site, the act of getting one of these behemoths destroyed many a sweeping business. Operating a used street sweeper has had many pitfalls. Driving them on the freeway or side streets is next to impossible, especially if you like your kidneys. Keeping them running demands a full time mechanic. Parts, if you can find them, are very expensive. A noisy steel conveyor can set can cost $4,500.00 and if you have never installed one before it can take several days. Many companies think that purchasing a 8 year old used street sweeper for $15,000.00 is quit a bargain. Without a doubt, running that sweeper with any regularity will result in at least 3 times the original purchase investment within the first year. What is worse then the money investment, is the potential that this used sweeper could destroy your business. I know many sweeping businesses who bought used sweepers, started large jobs, spent gobs of money on parts and labor because their sweeper broke down in the middle of the job. The possibility also exists that you can’t even finish the job, resulting in no pay. What may have seemed like a income bonanza turned into a mechanical, tension filled nightmare.

The need for heavy duty broom machines is real. Construction clean-up, spring clean-up, spills, and street sweeping are all is a great source of revenue. To make these profits you must be prepared to do the job well, get rid of the debris fast and cheaply, and to get to and from the job economically.

Simplicity is the key to the MODEL LH-2000. Here are some of the features that make the MODEL LH-2000 a success:

  • Easy to drive in traffic
  • Can drive long distances fast and comfortable
  • Quiet, rubber conveyor belt makes little noise
  • Sweeper comes apart easily for time-saving maintenance
  • Economical, diesel engines run quiet and fuel efficient
  • Visibility in front and curb side sweeping area is great
  • High dump material in 8 ft roll-off or into large dump truck
  • Broom and conveyor replacements are one-quarter the
  • Wear part replacement time is a fraction of other broom sweepers

Now that you have a MODEL LH-2000 there are even more benefits. Not only is the sweeper able to do heavy work it is also possible to do light parking lot sweeping. Not only is it able to do parking lot sweeping, the 1100 can sweep litter economically. What this means to the contractor is that now you have a sweeper that pays itself everyday doing routine maintenance and then when the big clean-up jobs come in you can really make some money. No other broom machine offers this kind of versatility. While you are sweeping the parking lots with this sweeper you want o make sure that your customer is aware of the machine you are using. By using a larger machine to clean the centers parking lot extra clean you will insure your contract with this center because no one else will be offering street sweeper quality.

MODEL LH-2000 is a very versatile machine and can be a great source of profit for you in these competitive days. Call today for full information on
what this machine can do for you.

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