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ProSweep™ L-3000
Airport Runway Sweepers

A New Economic and Environment Standard in Sweeping

The L-3000 advances efficiency in sweeping to a new level. Its unique traction-drive design offers remarkable cost advantages and environmental benefits at the same time. It uses no motor and no fuel so it's quiet and doesn't pollute. It's easy to use, costs almost nothing to operate, and is built to last.

The main broom and available side brooms can sweep a path as wide as 7 feet at speeds up to 30 M.P.H. Better yet, it will perform many jobs that vacuum systems struggle with on repeated passes like picking up gravel and dirt and sweeping at high speeds. The advantages you gain form the versatility of the L-3000 are unmatched.

Not only does the cost of sweeping plummet with the L-3000 , there are numerous other valuable benefits that can save you time and money:

  • Improved flexibility in sweeping where noise is normally a problem
  • Improved versatility in equipment transportation and vehicle use
  • Improvements in rock and dirt pick-up over many other types of equipment
  • High-speed sweeping capability (up to 30 M.P.H./48 K.P.H.)
  • Simple-to-operate design minimizes operator training

No other sweeper can give you this kind of performance at such remarkably low overall cost - both economically and environmentally.

Quiet, Fast, and Clean

Hitch it up to any vehicle and watch the L-3000 whisk along quietly picking up everything in its path — rocks, metal parts, paper, leaves, dust, dirt — any kind of debris. Its unique design gives you the ability to instantly connect with virtually any vehicle to build a powerful sweeping system (without the high maintenance and operating costs of motorized and hydraulic systems). The L-3000 can sweep effectively at speeds up to 30 M.P.H. (48 K.P.H.). That's up to 750,000 square feet per hour, (70,000 square meters), and it does it on an amazingly tight budget.

Other than simple periodic lubrications and an occasional brush replacement, no maintenance is required.

The L-3000 uses a simple but heavy-duty gearing system for rugged long term reliability. The number of moving parts on the ProSweep has been kept to a minimum - nothing is superfluous. Fewer parts mean fewer potential breakdowns - so it's in the field instead of the shop.

ProSweep Sweeper L-3000
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    • Side Brush System — PN 103-SB-22R (Right)
    • Side Brush System — PN 103-SB-22L (Left)
    • Magnetic Sweeping Attachment — PN 103-2032
    • Trailering Lighting Package — PN 103-L-10001
    • Night Sweeping Light Package and Warning Strobe —
PN 103-L-100002
    • Replacement Bruch (Main) — PN 104-10143
    • Replacement Brush (Side) — PN 104-10122
    • 3" Pindal Eye Hitch — PN 104-18993
    • Shipping Crate — PN 200-0001

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