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Masco Sweepers Inc. is a manufacturer of truck mounted vacuum parking lot and airport runway sweepers. Masco Sweepers has manufactured parking lot sweepers since 1975. Our products are used in most every state, as well as extensive use overseas. We look forward to serving you.

Masco Sweepers Inc. is proud to announce our new line of tow-type sweepers, L-3000. The ProSweep airport runway sweeper has been in production for more then 10 years. The ProSweep is truly a amazing sweeper. There is no motor, no fuel, and hardly any noise. Sweeping FOD (foreign object debris), rocks, bolts, large washers, and nails, are no problem for the ProSweep. Not only does this sweeper clean anything in its path, but can do it at 30 mph. We have a helpful video showing the amazing operation of this sweeper. In addition to the Prosweep we carry a full the line of magnet sweepers for removal of ferrous metal FOD.

Masco Sweepers vacuum parking lot sweepers are designed for high performance, low cost of operation and ease of operation. Our sweepers come in 3 yard and 4 yard sweepers.

Our Model 1600 is a three yard sweeper with a stainless steel hopper powered by a gasoline industrial engine, Ford VSG 411. This engine is all electronic ignition with an automatic choke. The Ford engine is the highest technology engine on the market today. This engine is the most fuel efficient and designed for long life.

Our Model 4000 is the a 4 yard, 60 horse power Isuzu Diesel. This sweeper is designed for large capacity, high performance sweeping. Our life time warranty stainless steel hopper insures long life, easy cleaning and no corrosion. This sweeper is designed for tough to clean areas of parking lots and some light street work.

In addition to these two sweepers we manufacture a 1600 Econo series sweeper. This three yard sweeper is designed with a two cylinder auxiliary motor, steel tank, and minimal extras. The 1600 Econo is perfect for routine parking lot sweeping of trash and debris. The Model 2200 is the same sweeper designed to slide into the bed of a pick-up for easy on and off use.

In addition to our new sweepers we have a full line of reconditioned sweepers, used sweepers, used street sweepers, and repo sweepers. Please call for current list. As always financing, no money down leasing, and short term rentals are all available.

Thank you for your interest in our sweeping equipment.



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